New Issue of Turtle Way Mental Health Journal Just Published

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Check out the just published online issue of Turtle Way, a literary art journal written by those with mental illness. Poetry, prose, research, humor, photography, and more…


Weekend Mental Health Writings – Fear

Write about your biggest fear. How likely is it to happen? How would you cope if it were to happen? What resources and people and skills would you draw upon to get through it?

Leave your response or a link to your posted response in the comments below or just journal about it at home. Write on!

Weekend Mental Health Writings Prompt – Lifetime


Sorry this weekend’s prompt is a bit late, but here it is: If you could live in any decade or era, which would you choose, and why?

Write your response on your blog and link in the comments below, or reply directly in the comment section. You can also just write privately in your journal at home. Whatever you feel like doing. Whatever gets you writing! 🙂

Weekend Mental Health Writings Prompt – Danger


Write about a time when you had a brush with death or found yourself in an extremely dangerous situation. How did it make you feel? Physically? Emotionally? How did it affect you short-term? Long-term? What did you learn from this experience?

Write your response in your journal at home, or on your blog and then share the link to your post in the comment section, or share your response in the comments below. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Weekend Mental Health Writings Prompt – Influential People

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First of all, I’d like to welcome the plethora of new followers here to Write into the Light. It is so great to see this community grow with each new post. Whether you are new or not, I hope you’ll consider joining in this weekend’s writing prompt. Here it is:

Write about one or two people who have had the greatest impact on your life. It could be family members, friends, a famous person, etc. Write about how they have influenced you and your life in positive ways, and what you have gained most by knowing them or knowing of them.

Feel free to share your response here or on your blog, if you have one, or just write it out privately in your journal at home.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!


Weekend Mental Health Writing Prompt – Fantastic Things

weekend writings

For this weekend’s writing prompt read my meditation post here and write about five fantastic things that happened in your life this past week.

Write your response in your journal at home, in the comments below, or on your blog and feel free to post the link to your blog post in the comments below. Thanks for participating and have a fantastic weekend!

Daily Meditation – The Greatest Gift


When the cold of depression surrounds my heart with ice, and I shiver under the blankets in my lonely bed, it feels as though I will suffer alone forever with the silent screams of the voices in my unquiet mind. If only for a moment to feel the healing touch of God, to feel the warmth of his hands melt the chill of despair that suffocates my soul – oh, how lovely this would be!

At times, it feels as if our despondent mood will last forever, but like the tides of the ocean, the ebb and flow of life and its accompanying emotions are never stagnant. What is today will not necessarily be tomorrow. With every breath is the promise of new and different possibilities.

Hanging onto the hope of a better tomorrow is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Taking the necessary steps to facilitate such an outcome is what we are called to do. We alone are responsible for taking care of ourselves, our health, our own well-being. We must not wait for someone else to take charge of our lives. We must take even the smallest of steps to begin to make the changes in our lives to become the person we were meant to be, to heal if only a little at a time; to try if only in some small way every day.