Weekend Mental Health Writings – Change

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Each weekend I am going to post a mental health writing prompt. Feel free to participate by writing your response privately in your own journal at home or by posting your response on your blog and then sharing the link to your post in the comment section below. Please visit those who share their writings here as well. Here is this weekend’s prompt:

You are not the same person that you were 5 years ago. We all change. Think about in what ways you have changed, as a person, over the past 5 years. How did those changes in you come about? How have they affected your relationships with others? How have they impacted your quality of life? End your writing by focusing on the positive changes you have seen in yourself.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Mental Health Writings – Change

  1. Five years ago I left an abusive marriage of over 3 decades almost a year after healing from a suspected cancer (benign, yay) found (total hysterectomy). Within one year of that my job laid me off, my mother died, my dog was put to sleep and my hair was coming out in handsful. I passed out for no reason for two years, broke my nose in three places doing so, was in a car accident and physically assaulted which put me into full blown PTSD. I am doing a bit better now, I no longer stammer or rock the hours away. What is bad about all of this is if we change, so do others and I lost a lot of family and friends who could no longer lean on me as I needed to lean for a change. What is good is that I write so I don’t mind my own company and have become much more self aware about who, what, when, where, how, why I expose myself to the “REAL” world and/or new people in it. Safety is mine because I keep myself safe ❤


    • It seems like you have gotten to know your true self over the past five years, Aurora. I can definitely relate to that! I have also learned how to take care of myself a lot better over the past few years, too. Thanks for sharing your story here


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