Things are Getting a Little Personal

I noticed over the past year my posts have become somewhat generic and distant, like making small talk with someone at the water cooler. I haven’t offered much of anything in the way of myself or my personal struggles with mental illness. It’s not for lack of having symptoms, trust me! It’s just been easier to report the facts and keep anything extra under wraps.

My fear is mostly that my anonymity will be compromised, so I hesitate to write about anything in too much detail. I suppose my paranoia could be considered a symptom of my anxiety disorder, so there’s that.

I have recently become more open with family and friends about the limitations my anxiety disorder places on me as far as the things I can’t do, the places I can’t go, and the physical pain it causes me, especially if I push myself beyond my limits. I think this has surprised them some these last few months. I’m not sure they understand, but they seem supportive.

I feel blessed that I haven’t had a major depressive episode in quite a while. I do a little dance between hypomania and a brief down fall every spring turn summer, but other than that my mood disorder is fairly stable. It’s just this darn anxiety mixed with intermittent panic attacks.

I’ll continue to write what I know, sharing knowledge about mental health and mental illness, incorporating my voice a little more than I have been lately.

In the meantime, I’d like to know what you would like me to write about. I’ve written meditations, essays, writing prompts, poetry, and reported on research articles. What would you like to see more of?


2 thoughts on “Things are Getting a Little Personal

  1. What I like to read and write about is the truth we all experience. Our wins, and when we think we fail. If we are doing our very best I don’t consider it a loss. Write from your heart. Don’t even worry if anyone likes or dislikes it. That is real power in my mind. We are a community and anything anyone wants to share is welcome and fair game in my opinion. Thoughs and feelings are just energy. Since I have been blogging about all kinds of things I have not had a serious down either. I think having an outlet for my energy wherther it be good or bad is helpful. I literaly get lost in a safe place anytime I write or journal or blog. I remember having a conservation with my financial adviser and he shared with me that his daughter had been misdiagnosed and finally was correctly diagnosed as bipolar. When I left his office i was consumed with thought over our concersation so I sat down and wrote a blog about what I was tell someone who was newley diagnosed and printed it and sent it to him. I later asked him if it helped. He said it helped him understand her better. In my blog I encouraged anyone diagnosed to try and find a mentor. So I used my concern to reach out instead of go down a worry spiral. So I have a bias on how writing can help. Hope this was helpful. Hugs.


    • Thank you for your thoughts. They are very helpful. Writing always helps me, hence the name of my site. 😀 I like to write about different things related to mental health but mostly bipolar because it is what I know about and have personal experience with. I rarely write about things I don’t have personal experience with. I think sharing what works for us is a great way to help others like you said. It is why I write here.


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