Daily Meditation – The Present Moment


Life sometimes seems life a series of accidents, like things are spinning out of control. Scary, anxiety-producing, unknown. It can cause us to freeze in our tracks like a deer in headlights, just waiting for the impact take us out. Rarely does this ever happen. Our fears build up scenarios in our heads that make things more unbearable than they really need to be.

If only we could take a moment to stop our thoughts and concentrate on our breathing. Take a deep breath. Do the next right thing. Take it one step at a time. Have faith that if we only take care of what is in front of us – whether it be a daily task, a job responsibility, a self-care activity, a social commitment – the future will take care of itself.

For the future is never with us, only the present moment is. It is only in the present moment where we can take the actions that will make a difference in our quality of life. It is only in the present moment where we can find peace.


2 thoughts on “Daily Meditation – The Present Moment

    • yes, much easier said than done, but still worth striving for. 🙂 When I start getting anxious about future stuff I will stop my thoughts and say to myself, “right now I am doing such and such”. For example, “Right now I am washing the dishes. The water is warm, the soap is slippery, the dishes are white, etc.” I really try to get in the present moment and then I am not thinking or worrying about something in the future. It gets easier with practice.


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