New Issue of Turtle Way – a journal for those with Mental Illness

Happy Friday, everyone! A new issue of Turtle Way was just published. Read it here, and have a beautiful weekend.

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Hopping Along – a poem

It’s Holy Week
as I reflect
on the cotton-tailed

who is quiet,
and reserved;

who likes to stay
in the shadows,
and frightens easily;

who burrows
under blankets
of green earth,

protected, yet
so vulnerable
while keeping close
to her family.

Keep Moving, Keep Changing – a poem

Who knew that clouds pass over
only to return so frequently –
a constant state of motion
only when the wind blows?

Who knew that scum gathers
in pond water; its slime slippery,
spotted with rot on both
dark and sunny days?

Who knew that inertia
holds the key to living,
and dying,
in the utmost subtle way?

I didn’t know, but
now I do. Do you?

Writing Moment by Moment #26

Practicing mindfulness


Sunlight reflects off of the hood
of a black car parked
across the street.

Naked tree limbs reach up
while wheat grass flutters
in the breeze.

I inhale winter’s crisp air;
exhale steamy puffs
of my own.

I hear cars zoom by
off in the distance; inside,
the washing machine
agitates clothes.

My finger tips are chilled
as is my nose while the sweetness
from a chocolate chip cookie
lingers on my palate.

The garage is cold yet, the sunshine
on the grass and street warms me.

White clouds blanket the blue sky;
they are still
like the thoughts in my mind.


This mindfulness exercise was a result of me sitting outside for less than five minutes. I can only imagine how much I would notice if I practiced mindfulness in all of my daily activities.

Mindfulness involves a conscious effort to observe what is through your senses (i.e., eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch) both inside and outside of your body without giving any subjective thoughts, opinions, judgements, etc. nor attaching any emotions to what you observe.

In other words, everything that you identify through your physical senses is not to be tagged with thoughts such as “That is beautiful” or “This is awful” or “That makes me feel sad” or “That is so exciting!”

Give it a try and let me know what you experience in your moment.