Why I Took a Mental Health Hiatus

It has been nine months since I posted here because I needed to take a break from thinking and talking and writing about mental health and mental illness.

I went through a big change around the time I quit blogging and I suppose that has something to do with the long break as well. This change altered some of my core values and helped me grow as a person in ways I never would have imagined. My love and tolerance for all people has blossomed exponentially.

I dare say I went about a psychic change that brought me through a depression and grieving process to a place of total acceptance. I am a better person for it today.

However, even with the positive impact this event had on my character, I still have all of my mental illnesses (bipolar type 2, anxiety and panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, ADHD, seasonal affective disorder, complex PTSD, recovered alcoholism, borderline personality traits).

The most prevalent illness currently causing problems for me is anxiety. The social and generalized anxieties are the main triggers for my chronic migraine. The ways in which I limit my activities outside of the house in order to decrease my migraine frequency has made my world very small.

Is your life limited because of your symptoms? How so? Tell me in the comments and follow me for more mental health updates.


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