Meditation: A Cure for Depression and Anxiety?

Neuroscientists now have evidence proving what meditators have been saying for years: Meditation can improve people’s physical and emotional health.


Imaging studies show that meditation increases certain areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. “Also the parts of the brain that respond the most to stress gets smaller with meditation. This means that anxiety and depression naturally fade with a meditation practice,” according to researchers.

I’ve been doing mindfulness and guided meditations using an app called “Insight Timer” on and off now for about a year, and I definitely notice a difference in my anxiety levels on the days that I meditate versus the days I don’t.  Although on many of the days I meditate, my anxiety level is already low because I tend to have trouble focusing long enough to meditate when my anxiety is high. Go figure!

I do believe the effects of meditation last me a few days and are somewhat cumulative in that sense. So, even when I meditate on a low anxiety day, it could be helping me avoid a super high anxiety day the next day or the day after that.

Meditation hasn’t had an effect on my bipolar depression levels, but maybe it would if I practiced it more consistently since one of my depression triggers is anxiety.  It’s probably worth a try, but to be honest, I have my doubts.

What about you?  Do you meditate?  What benefits has it brought to your health?  Or in light of this recent research, would you consider trying meditation?  Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Meditation: A Cure for Depression and Anxiety?

  1. I think anything is worth a try. Different things work for different folks. I thing committing to anything for a while is the only true test. I find EFT helps emotional thinking for me. It is a tapping exercise for the brain. Stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. There are lots of tutorials and information in the net about it. I have found it useful. I also have started using light therapy and it is working. If I use it for too long thought I have problems sleeping. Fine tuning is needed a lot when I use any mode. I like to part about clearing my mind when trying to meditate. I need that big time. Hope you find success.


    • I have never heard of EFT. Thanks for that resource. I look forward to reading up on it.

      I use light therapy as well and find it beneficial to my depression symptoms.

      The clearing my mind meditation doesn’t work so much for me as much as the focusing on my breath on some other sensations does. Mindfulness through the five senses has helped me meditate most effectively. Like you said, different things work for different folks. That’s why I am glad there are so many options available to us!


  2. i love you blog ❤
    so many import subjects covered and i like the way you write/approach subjects. – thank you.
    I can tell you from personal experience that mediation has greatly improved (if not cured completely – if you can ever be completely cured – my depression and anxiety). Yes, I still get down days and nervousness but meditation has helped me 1. control me feelings and 2. helped me to accept them and move forward. I have meditated for a long time but only been doing it seriously (for healing) int he last 18 months. I have tried few different techniques and use a them in combination (as and when i need them). i combine them with yoga, active meditation and try to be routinely mindful. I have heard lots of positive things about EFT but i have not experienced it directly. but from what i understand i kind of do it anyway.
    It has changed my life – i ways i would have never imagined. really i can not recommend enough. so many benefits seen and unseen.
    let us know how you get on and if you need any tips i am happy to help you ❤


    • Thank you for your wonderful comment. I sit down to meditate sporadically, several times a month, and practice mindfulness almost daily although it takes great effort sometimes. Mindfulness always relieves me of my anxieties. Its amazing!


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