Post Holiday Post

happy new yearI don’t know about you, but I have been recovering from the holidays for the past two weeks.  This has included dealing with a wide range of emotions from severe anxiety to a touch of depression to a bit of elation, and four migraines.  Ouch!

I handled the actual holiday days well thanks to good self-care during the weeks prior and to anxiety meds on the days of.  What surprised me was how anxious I felt on the days that followed.  I lay in bed for two days after Christmas filled with panic and stress, and couldn’t believe it, because all the stressful stuff was over.  Then I found this great article on what the author calls “post holiday hangover.”  She describes it as “a psychologically tired and bloated feeling resulting from excess of seemingly everything.”  This is exactly what I was experiencing.

She suggested doing an “emotional cleanse” to help deal with this type of hangover.  An emotional cleanse includes ramping up on self-care, letting go of the self-critic, accepting that everything is as it should be, organizing and cleaning your surroundings, acknowledging your feelings and then letting them go, letting go of resentments and negativity of the past year.

I recommend reading the full article by Joyce Marter here.  How are your post holiday days going?  Happy New Year!

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6 thoughts on “Post Holiday Post

  1. I hear you, Wil. My recent post Who and What Art Thou? Addresses some of the same feelings. I actually had a short hypomanic episode earlier this week, and needed to practice a lot of self-care. I wish you luck with your “cleansing” and I know you’ll feel more settled soon.


  2. Thanks so much for recommending that article. There were great reminders in there. I have definitely been experiencing my own post-holiday slump so I found this particularly helpful!


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