Are People with Bipolar Disorder Lazy?

bipolar couch

A recent study reported that those of us with bipolar disorder are significantly more sedentary than those who do not have the disorder. Health professionals recommend 150 minutes of moderate to rigorous physical activity per week. Apparently, we of the bipolar persuasion sit on our duffs for 78% of the day while “nonusers of mental health services” are sedentary for only 59% of the day.

I get it…the numbers don’t lie. But, I’d like to let those researchers in on a little secret: we aren’t sitting around in a completely dulled state. More often than not, our minds are going 250,000 miles per minute thinking of project after project; worrying about the past; projecting into the future, and wishing more than anything that the pesky hamster taking speed, who continuously runs on the wheel inside our heads, would take a friggin’ nap already!

Wouldn’t it be great if mental activity burned as many calories as physical activity? Although, then we’d all have to be treated for anorexia, now, wouldn’t we?

bipolar wheel

Or maybe we are in a dulled state. Why? Oh gee, could it be the multitude of medications we are on, or are we really just lazy? Don’t get me wrong – the researchers did NOT say we were lazy. That is my inference alone; I take 100% responsibility for it. They did however conclude that:

“From public health and clinical perspectives, these findings justify physical activity interventions targeting adults with [bipolar disorder],” ~ Janney et al.

I just have one question for Janney et al: Do you et al want me to vigorously workout before or after I take my daily dose of Seroquel? In other words, give me a medication regime that doesn’t include fatigue as a major side effect, and I’ll race you to the gym!

Can anyone relate?

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17 thoughts on “Are People with Bipolar Disorder Lazy?

  1. Going into physical action has been shown to boost a person up emotionally, in several clinical tests. This is why people are prescribed drugs to slow them down.


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  3. I don’t consider myself lazy, but psych meds really wrecked my body composition– I got very fat. It’s very difficult to explain to people how this is so… so many folks are still stuck in the tired Victorian notion that obesity is a moral failing.


  4. Well why is it that my sister in law is lazy af. She has enough energy to start fights and scream at the top of her lungs at her husband, and sit on her fat fucking ass and stuff her face all day but too scared to pick up a damn broom, mop or dish rag. Or her fucking clothes off the bed, and all over the floors of the apartment.


    • Hey, that’s an ignorant comment. Cut your sister in law slack. Is she in treatment, on meds, or see a therapist. Don’t judge anyone until you are in their shoes.



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  6. i loved this. i didn’t know about that research but it doesn’t surprise me. there could be so many reasons. when I am depressed, and gratefully I usually just get mildly depressed, I do feel “lazy.” i try to not beat myself up about it because it really is due to the low mood, no energy, and no motivation that I don’t get out as much. I also sleep a lot- not due to my medications, I just always have. I have always seemed to need more sleep than other people.

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