Weekend Mental Health Writing Prompt – Fathers


In honor of Father’s Day, the writing prompt this weekend is none other than – fathers! Write about your father or grandfather or someone who was or is like a father to you. How did he shape you into the person you are today? In what ways, both positive and/or negative, does he affect your mental health? What is a good memory you have of him? What else would you like to write about him?

Link your response back to this post so others can find it or feel free to comment below. And Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Mental Health Writing Prompt – Fathers

  1. I am new to blogs, blogging, posting sincere thoughts online. I read the piece on being a mom who is vulnerable to certain problematic traits. This is what interests me as I am older, have had DBT and thinking about becoming a mom, but don’t know if it would be fulfilling or overwhelming. As for my father, I never saw him express a genuine feeling. I don’t know him. I don’t think anyone does though he has a gazillion friends. He is old now.


    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for your comment. I have had DBT also. Being a mom for me is both fulfilling and overwhelming at times. I would guess it is that way for everyone but more on the overwhelming side for us emotionally sensitive gals (at least for me, pre-DBT it was.). I wouldn’t give up being a mom for anything though.

      Interesting that your dad has so many friends but never showed a genuine emotion. Sounds like a politician to me. 🙂


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