Turtle Way Submission Guidelines

Turtle Way™ is Write into the Light™‘s online literary art journal. Our primary purpose is to deliver hope to those with mental illness through original works of literature and art that we create as a way to cope with and heal from our own mental illnesses.

To be a part of our mission, please submit your original poetry, prose, short-story fiction, non-fiction, essays, meditations, photography and artwork for consideration in the next issue of Write into the Light™’s online journal, Turtle Way™ by closely following the submission guidelines listed below.

  1. You must be original author or creator, and current copyright holder of the work you submit.
  2. Send literary submissions within the body of an email to writeintothelight@live.com (email attachments will NOT be opened except for photographs and artwork)
  3. Submit photos and artwork as JPEG or PNG files to writeintothelight@live.com
  4. By submitting your work, you grant Write into the Light™ blog author (at http://writeintothelight.org) one-time rights to publish your work on Turtle Way’s website (http://turtleway.wordpress.com)
  5. Upon publication in Turtle Way™ all rights return to their original creators and/or authors.
  6. Please include a short bio and any pertinent contact information that you would like included under your byline such as website or blog address, email, Twitter or Facebook handle.

Shine your light by joining our efforts to decrease the stigma of mental illness. Together we can increase public awareness and share our experience, strength, and hope to those who suffer.


9 thoughts on “Turtle Way Submission Guidelines

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  5. Should I send my entire book in the body of an email? I can mail a paper copy. There is also a Kindle version available.


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