Study Comparing Bipolar II vs. Bipolar I


A recent study showed that Bipolar Type II, often thought of as the less severe form of Bipolar Disorder, is actually worse than Bipolar Type I is some ways.

Some of the ways Bipolar II is more severe than Bipolar I:

  • increased comorbid anxiety
  • increased first-degree relative with mood disorder
  • more prior mood episodes
  • current depression
  • current antidepressant use
  • rapid cycling in the prior year
  • childhood onset

On the other hand, Bipolar II patients had significantly less hospitalizations and current prescription psychotropic use compared to Bipolar I patients.

Both groups had a statistically similar rate of prior suicide attempts.


4 thoughts on “Study Comparing Bipolar II vs. Bipolar I

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding the reasoning here. Bipolar 1 is in fact the most severe between the two, and is solidified through mass research and observation. Bipolar 2 bullet points are all identical symptoms in regards to Bipolar 1. I personally have 1 and experience everything listed, and most likely in a more severe manner. It’s just very contradicting and the topic challenged is lacking valid summation. I’m honestly not being ugly, I just am interested in the differences and levels or scales and the variations. Good luck


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