Faith and Mental Illness

I was reminded this evening that not everyone has some sort of spiritual life. I am not referring to religion per se, as in going to church every Sunday or praying to a certain “God” or whatever you may call it. I am talking about an innate positive connection with something (besides another human being) that is undefinable, indescribable, at times unrecognizable, and has more power than you; something that lifts you up, gives you energy, makes you feel peaceful and content.

I choose to call this power in my life “God,” but please don’t get turned off by that word, for that is all it is – just a word. As humans, we communicate through language, words, semantics, labels. Forget about all of that…all of it…and answer me this:

Do you have some sort of spiritual connection with a power greater than yourself? If so, how does it help you cope with your mental illness?